Steel Triple Piercing - Internally Threaded Opal Disk Labrets 1.2mm

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This is a set of 3, a triple piercing for the upper ear. Surgical Steel Internal thread Opal disk labrets in 1.2mm gauge, 6mm length with 3 different Opal Stone sizes (3mm, 4mm and 5mm). The labret shafts are not threaded as usual but are hollow with the thread on the inside. The attachments have a small thread protruding. The benefit of this is that the labret is more comfortable to fit and that a smaller attachment can be used leading to a more subtle piercing. Price is for a pack of 3. NB: THESE INTERNAL THREAD LABRETS ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER TDI INTERNAL THREAD JEWELLERY. PLEASE DO NOT AUTOCLAVE.

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