Steel BCR with Steel Clip In Honey Bee has a rating of 5.0/5 stars based on 2 reviews.

Steel BCR with Steel Clip In Honey Bee

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You will get a buzz out of wearing this Steel BCR (Ball Closure Ring) with Steel Honey Bee insert. Because it is a BCR, the Honey Bee can twist around to face the direction you choose. The Bee is 5.7mm long with a wingspan of 7.3mm. Check your own size to make sure of your fit, but it is likely that with an 8mm internal diameter ring, it will look great in a rook and a suitable rim piercing. With a 10mm ring it is probably good for a daith and maybe conch piercing. Other locations will also suit this ring. The honey bee attachment has dimples either side which allow it to be held in by tension from the ring.

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