Body Jewellery Types

Whether you're searching for Belly Bars, Circular Barbells, Labrets, Plugs, Flesh Tunnels, Attachments or something else entirely, we've got it. This page will help you find the perfect bit of Body Jewellery for your piercing - whatever part of your body it is on!

There are a lot of alternative names that exist for most Jewellery Types, so below we've provided some collections (with the jewellery type names we use) along with some alternative descriptions so that you find the exact type of jewellery you are after.

Attachments - Clip-in and BCR Jewellery and Charms
Attachments - For 1.2mm Internally Threaded shafts
Attachments - For 1.6mm Internally Threaded shafts inc. Dermal Anchors
Attachments - For Threadless (Bend-fit)
Attachments - Threaded Jewelled Balls
Attachments - Threaded Jewellery
Barbells (Straight)
Barbells - Internal Thread
BCRs and other Rings (excludes Clickers)
Circular Barbells (CBBs)
Circular Barbells - Internal Thread
Clicker Rings, Hinged Rings
Curved Bars and Belly Bars
Curved Bars and Belly Bars - Internal Thread
Dermal Anchors - Internal Thread
Ear Cuffs & Shields
Ear Studs, Crystal Studs, Earrings
Expanders and Stretchers
Fake Piercing Jewellery
Fake Piercing Rings - Clip On
Flesh Tunnels and Plugs
Labrets - Internal Thread
Labrets - Threadless (Bend-fit)
Nose Studs
O Rings
Piercing Retainers
Septum Clickers and Septum Keepers
Toe Rings
Tools and Piercing Supplies
Tribal Ear Jewellery
Eyebrow Bars