Body Jewellery Materials

We stick by the principle of using the best and safest materials for our body jewellery, but which material should you choose?

Try PTFE (used in dentistry and medicine) if you're looking for a very low friction material that could help speed up the healing process by up to half! PTFE is also very flexible making it safe and comfortable to wear in your pregnancy navel piercing; as your bump grows and changes shape, so does the PTFE barbell!

Worried about large gauge ear funk? Try our Organic wood jewellery which is naturally porous and can help combat that bad odour sometimes associated with stretched piercings.

Silicone body jewellery is also great for your stretched ear piercing as it's ultra-flexible, lightweight and comes in loads of colours! As does our titanium body jewellery which comes in every colour of the rainbow, except black. Don't worry we have Black Steel and Black Titanium body jewellery to satisfy your dark side!

9ct Gold
Acrylic and UV Acrylic
belong 14ct solid gold
Black Steel (PVD)
Black Titanium (PVD)
Glitzy Crystals
Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Gold Plated Surgical Steel (PVD)
Gold Plated Titanium (PVD)
Natural Stone and Organics: Wood, Horn, Bone
Pyrex Glass
Rose Gold plated Sterling Silver
Rose Gold Steel
Rose Gold Titanium
Sterile Bioflex
Sterile Black Steel (PVD)
Sterile Surgical Steel
Sterile Titanium
Sterling Silver 925
Surgical Steel (Grade 316L)
Synthetic Opal
Titanium coated Steel
Zircon Steel (Gold coloured PVD)
Zircon Titanium (Gold coloured PVD)